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A trailer for the 14min short dance film.  

The film is edited of footage from the Nov. 10th, 2012 dance theatre performance of MEDEA (at the ReMixed Media Festival, in collaboration with MAshRome).

Performance and video directed and choreographed by Jimmy Ferguson


The Greeks knew the legend of Medea well. Born of a goddess, she was a barbarian princess and a witch. Her father, Aeetes, King of Colchis, and son of Helios, god of the sun, guarded the Golden Fleece. Medea fell in love with Jason and to help him steal the Fleece she murdered her brother. She and Jason fled and she strewed the parts of her brother's body across the sea. She knew that her father would stop his pursuit to gather the pieces and give his son the burial required by the gods. 

Medea and Jason come finally to Corinth, the scene of this dance and of Euripides' tragedy. They live, husband and wife, for ten years and Medea bears Jason two children. Then, Jason, perhaps seeking political gain, perhaps, as the Medea of Euripides thinks, wary of a dangerous barbarian wife, marries the daughter of Creon, the King of Corinth. Medea in jealous rage sends a poisoned gown to Jason's bride. The gown, clinging to the flesh and burning with an unquenchable fire, kills Creon and his daughter. Medea, perhaps fearing for their lives, and desiring to hurt Jason irrevocably, murders both her children with her own hands. She escapes, rising into the heavens in a chariot drawn by dragons.