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Tune in Feb 14 2PM EST for Street Views LIVE from BERLIN, Google Glass performance by Annie Berman at Galerie Patrick Ebensperger

5-annie_berman_profile_photo_lesAnnie BermanFeb 14, 2015

Presented during Berlinale in association with Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival and with support from Hardware Hack Lab. Aeon Magazine is now streaming the complete film version. In Twitter use #StreetViewsLive.

In a piece that plays with ideas of presence and live art, video artist Annie Berman will open her installation with a real-time broadcast from her Google Glasses. The broadcast documents her own live performance, as she occupies her installation and invites live and virtual interaction from her audience. She will also distribute special masks for viewers who wish to remain anonymous, or at least obscure their faces.

STREET VIEWS is an 8 minute projected video that explores how virtual mapping alters our experience of space, identity, and one another. Set in New York City’s famed West Village, but ‘shot’ within Google’s street view mapping application, STREET VIEWS attempts to navigate a surreal, disoriented new landscape. With humor and a light touch, Berman wanders through the streets of the big city frozen in timelessness, passing by pixelated faces, looking for something human on the digital display.

In its original conception, this piece utilizes a traditional disembodied voice of the narrator. When invited to install this piece in Germany, the artist decided to experiment with the idea of the disembodied narrator as another form of a virtual presence. Using a second monitor, she screens footage of herself delivering the narration, blurring her face to emphasize the virtual nature of this presence. The monitor also is given its own microphone as if it were a person reading at a conventionally staged live performance.

STREET VIEWS is now one of five featured media installations from Kassel’s Dokfest on exhibit at Galerie Patrick Ebesnperger, Berlin. The theme of the exhibition seeks to re-examine the scopes and realities of our present technological age.

On opening night, Berman will further investigate the reality of embodiment/liveness/the artist’s presence/performance/live film, by performing a live broadcast of the installation, wearing Google Glasses (‘Glass’). Her direct sight and interactions will be broadcast via Google Glass, streaming live via the global, commons-based peer produced HowlRound TV network at howlround.tv Saturday, February 14 at 8pm CET (Berlin) / 7pm GMT (London) / 2pm EST (New York) / 1pm CST (Chicago) / 11am PST (Los Angeles).

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- See more at: http://howlround.com/livestreaming-google-glass-performance-of-annie-berman-s-street-views-at-galerie-patrick-ebensperger#sthash.C15dSU0V.dpuf