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Aeon Magazine hosts exclusive online premiere of STREET VIEWS

5-annie_berman_profile_photo_lesAnnie BermanFeb 13, 2015

I'm thrilled to announce that beginning this Friday the 13th, the London based digital magazine of ideas and culture, Aeon Magazine will host the exclusive online premiere of my recent short film STREET VIEWS. Aeon has recently branched into distributing short documentaries about society and nature - check them out, lots of video and stories worth discovering! And, did I mention it's free? ;)


STREET VIEWS is an 8 minute projected video that explores how virtual mapping alters our experience of space, identity, and one another. Set in New York City’s famed West Village, but ‘shot’ within Google’s street view mapping application, STREET VIEWS attempts to navigate a surreal, disoriented new landscape. With humor and a light touch, Berman wanders through the streets of the big city frozen in timelessness, passing by pixelated faces, looking for something human on the digital display.

Winner of Best Experimental Film, Rome Independent Film Festival. Screenings include Rooftop Film, Cucalorus, Currents, FIDBA Buenos Aires, ...