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17 BFC films at Northside Film Festival

3-alex_landon3Alexander MallisJun 2, 2013

We're super excited to have 17 films featured at this year's Northside Film Festival.  The following BFC members will be screening work: Jeremy Engle, Adam Welz, Iva Radivojevic, Paul Trillo, Jef Taylor, Begoña Colomar, Alex Mallis, Ryan Koo, Hillevi Loven, Nathan Fitch, Riley Hooper, and Marina Fernandez-Ferri.  Check out the full line up on our very own Northside BFC page.

All film tickets are available here: http://northsidefestival.com/film-single-tickets/

Here are the screening times:

DIY Competition:
FLO by Riley Hooper | Thursday, June 20, 9pm, Videology
TEMBLOR  by Marina Fernandez-Ferri | Thursday, June 20, 9pm, Videology
SPOILS  by Alex Mallis | Wednesday June 19, 730pm, Videology

Paired With Features:
MOSQUITO by Jeremy Engle | Thursday, June 20, 9:30pm, Wythe Hotel (with Swim Little Fish) 
A CHANGE IN THE WEATHER  by Adam Welz | Wednesday, June 19, 7pm, Nitehawk Cinema (with Maniac)
GAWKING RED by Iva Radivojevic | Thursday June 20, 10pm, Nitehawk Cinema (with Look of Love)
THE PEACH KINGS - LONELY by Paul Trillo | Thursday June 20, 8pm, UnionDocs (with Who Took The Bomp?)
I HEART STATEN ISLAND  by Jef Taylor | Thursday June 20, 630pm, UnionDocs (with David Holzman's Diary)
UNSTRUNG  by Meerkat Media Collective | Wednesday June 19, 945pm, Nitehawk Cinema (with Kopfstand)
LEAL by Begoña Colomar | Monday June 17, 945pm, Nitehawk Cinema (with Symbiopsychotaxiplasm)
SHE'S AN 8  by Alex Mallis | Thursday June 20, 730pm, Williamsburg Cinemas (with Go Down Death) 
AMATEUR  by Ryan Koo | Tuesday June 18, 945pm, Nitehawk Cinema (with All the Light in the Sky)

RADICAL LOVE by Hillevi Loven | Monday June 17, 815pm, UnionDocs (with Paris is Burning)

Social Agency on Film // Brooklyn Arts Council:
THE LAST HOMECOMING  by Nathan Fitch | Wednesday June 19, 630pm, UnionDocs 
CONEY ISLAND : The Darker Side of Dreamland by Nathan Fitch | Wednesday June 19, 630pm, UnionDocs 
A VOICE FOR VACANCY  by Alex Mallis | Wednesday June 19, 630pm, UnionDocs
FIVE WINDOWS  by Landon Van Soest | Saturday June 15, 6pm, Northside Town Hall