STRAY DOG wins best doc at LAFF

42-bfcTory StewartJun 23, 2014

STRAY DOG (editor/co-producer Tory Stewart, cinematographer Eric Phillips-Horst) was awarded Best Documentary Feature at the Los Angeles Film Festival 2014. The Jury described the film as:

"...a beautifully crafted observational portrait that addresses, with love, empathy and humor, some of the issues we struggle with as a country today, such as PTSD, immigration and poverty. Never lecturing, but instead revealing an intimate glimpse of a man's family and his compassionate, troubled heart."

Variety: "In an era when many coastal Americans’ ideas of the heartland poor come from hicksploitation TV series, Stray Dog provides a very welcome corrective."
Indiewire: "It’s a remarkable feat of unfolding this story, a remarkable portrait not only of this particular man, but of a culture in a transitioning moment. As we welcome home even more generations of traumatized soldiers, it’s the Vietnam vets that we have to look to to understand how this will affect these men and women down the road."
Nonfics: "Whenever someone asks what I mean when I say that too many docs look and feel the same, I can say, “None of them are like Stray Dog.” This is a film that blows apart your preconceived notions of how a documentary can be put together. It is a perfectly told story with vivid characters, an acute sense of place and many marvelous emotional beats."

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STRAY DOG to premiere at LAFF

42-bfcTory StewartMay 20, 2014

BFCers Tory Stewart (editor + co-producer) and Eric Philips-Horst (cinematographer) are headed to the Los Angeles Film Festival in June for the world premiere of their feature documentary STRAY DOG (directed by Debra Granik)!

Check out the website and the LAFF schedule for info and screening times.


16 BFC films at Northside Festival

3-alex_landon3Alexander MallisMay 7, 2014

We're beyond thrilled to be participating in Brooklyn's Northside Film Festival this June (Exact screening dates TBD). We have 4 short films in competition and 12 in a special BFC curated shorts block. That's 16 films, ya'll. Better recognize.

In the DIY competition we have:
A Truncated Story of Infinity by Paul Trillo
Elvis Loses His Excess and Other Tales from the Worlds Longest Yard Sale by Riley Hooper
Street Views by Annie Berman
After Trayvon by Alex mallis

Our BFC shorts block includes:
Danielle Lurie — Intuition
Joshua Weinstein -- Spider Drove a Taxi
Brad DeCecco -- Take My Time
Francesca Coppola -- Flamingos
Veena Rao -- Carla and Cecil
Lam Thuy Vo -- This is Just to Say
Iva Rad — Between Colors of I
Maria Badia — The Last Bread
Hazuki Aikawa -- Upgrade
Alex Mallis -- Watching the Rain
Nathan Fitch -- Cost of Fashion
Kai Beverly-Whittemore -- Hummingbird


BFC at Brooklyn FF

3-alex_landon3Alexander MallisMay 7, 2014

Quadruple-excited to have four films in this year's Brooklyn Film Festival (May 30th - June 8th).

1) THE DIAMOND CUTTER by Nicholas Weissman. http://www.brooklynfilmfestival.org/films/detail.a...

2) A GRAND CANAL by Johnny Ma http://www.brooklynfilmfestival.org/films/detail.a...

3) THE LAST BREAD by Maria Rosa Badia http://www.brooklynfilmfestival.org/films/detail.a...

4) THEY CAME AT NIGHT by Alex Mallis + Andrew Ellis http://www.brooklynfilmfestival.org/films/detail.a...

And stay tuned for a BFC-led panel on collective filmmaking in NYC.


FIVE STAR, a film by Keith Miller, Premieres at Tribeca Film Festival 2014 and WINS Best Editing in a Narrative Feature Film!

26-km_annarobertson_2Keith MillerApr 29, 2014


“Like John Cassavetes directing an episode of ‘The Wire’…” -Eric Kohn
“…powerfully affecting urban drama that tells a familiar story [...] with such unusual authenticity and dramatic force that it’s as if we’re seeing it for the first time…” -Scott Foundas


BFC Night at Videology –– March 31st

19-img_0203Jef TaylorMar 29, 2014

Eleven BFC members will be screening work at Videology on Monday, March 31st as part of their Local Filmmaker Showcase...

Nicholas Weissman
Dylan Allen
Hazuki Aikawa & Andrey Alistratov
Paul Trillo
Joshua Z. Weinstein
Francesca Coppola
Venna Rao
Jef Taylor
Brad DeCecco
Lam Thuy Vo
Alex Mallis

The screening starts at 8pm, there will be a Q&A with the filmmakers afterwards, and admission is free.


Bronx Obama selected for Sarasota FF

3-alex_landon3Alexander MallisMar 13, 2014

BFCer Ryan Murdock's feature doc BRONX OBAMA will be screening at the 2014 Sarasota Film Festival! Congrats, Ryan. Full details and screening schedule here http://www.sarasotafilmfestival.com/2014-festival


Iva Radivojevic's EVAPORATING BORDERS premieres at SXSW

3-alex_landon3Alexander MallisMar 11, 2014

Our own Iva is down in Austin for the US premiere of her wonderful feature doc EVAPORATING BORDERS. check out this wonderful interview in Filmmaker Magazine where she talks process, form, and voice. Really articulate. Go Iva!


BFC on Filmwax

3-alex_landon3Alexander MallisMar 5, 2014

BFCers Keith Miller, Iva Rad, and Alex Mallis sat down with Filmwax Radio's Adam Schartoff to talk about the collective and filmmaking in NYC. Enjoy! http://rooftopfilms.com/blog/2014/03/filmwaxradio-episode-198.html