BFC at the Spectacle Theatre August 1st

3-alex_landon3Alexander MallisJul 19, 2012

Featuring work by: Desiree Akhavan, Begoña Colomar, Luisa Conlon, Donal Foreman, Lily Henderson, Jonathan Johnson, Alex Mallis, Iva Radivojevic, Veena Rao, Paul Trillo, and Adam Welz

Wednesday, August 1st
7:30pm & 10pm  

(Afterparty + drink specials at South 4th Bar!)

The BFC will present a night of short works made by it's members.  The program features work spanning an array of genres and styles. Filmmakers will be hanging around to meet and greet and booze and shmooze.

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Welcome to Pine HIll awarded Best New American Film at SIFF

WELCOME TO PINE HILL, directed by Keith Miller (USA, 2012)
Jury Statement: The FIPRESCI Critics Jury at the 2012 Seattle International Film Festival has awarded its prize to Keith Miller’s independent American film WELCOME TO PINE HILL. Despite being Miller’s first feature, the movie shows a stylistic maturity and attention to detail that would be noteworthy in the work of the most seasoned directors. WELCOME TO PINE HILL is a film of heartbreak and restraint, social observation and individualized investigation. The remarkable Shannon Harper plays an insurance adjuster who has put a criminal past behind him, only to discover that he has no future ahead of him. Miller follows Harper as he settles accounts and gives one last, long look at the world he has known and will never see again. It is that rare work of art the really does discover the universal in the particular.

The FIPRESCI jury is comprised of members of the International Federation of Film Critics: Emma Gray Munthe, Sweden; Pascal Grenier, Canada; and Henry Sheehan, U.S.



Documentary Makers: Apply for UnionDocs Collaborative 2012 in Brooklyn

3-alex_landon3Alexander MallisMay 30, 2012

Documentary artists in film, video, radio, photography, interactive: Want to push your practice & experiment with new approaches? Need to expand your understanding of the field? Open tocollaborating on original projects? Applications now accepted for The UnionDocs CollaborativeStudio starting Sept. 2012 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Deadline: June 30. International fellows encouraged, visa & residency options available. http://tinyurl.com/22v2hnt


BFC films to rock Scene: Brooklyn this week

Three BFC members have work featured in this year's Scene: Brooklyn film fest, the Brooklyn Arts Council's annual showcase of indie film and media arts.


"Welcome to Pine Hill" was awarded the Grand Jury Prize for Narrative Feature at this year's Atlanta Film Festival

26-km_annarobertson_2Keith MillerApr 10, 2012

From Reel Georgia: In a splendid feat of film justice, Keith Miller's poignant film "Welcome to Pine Hill" was awarded the Grand Jury Prize for Narrative Feature at this year's Atlanta Film Festival. The film was easily my favorite of the fest and as you will read in an upcoming review, Shannon Harper carries the film with an unforgettable presence. I would kill to see this film continue to burn up the festival circuit and gain a distribution deal by the end of the year.



"The Minutemen" Documentary Now Available on Itunes

33-nicholas_weissmanbNicholas WeissmanMar 3, 2012

In a barren desert surrounded by limitless horizon, there stands a 700 mile perforated barrier separating Us and Them. The sun sets along this rusty fence as a crusty old veteran puffs a cigarette and lowers his binoculars. The day is over and the cold night is theirs. He lowers the flag, salutes a helicopter passing through the darkness, and settles into his dusty camper for another canned meal alone on Patriot Point.

In 2005, aggravated by the influx of undocumented immigrants and fed up with the lack of government involvement, the Minutemen positioned themselves along the U.S. / Mexico border. Armed, energetic, and bound by common ideals, they are a diverse, often fragmented group of disillusioned freedom fighters led by a modern day Don Quixote "Lil' Dog" and his four legged companion "Freckles".

Zealous and often comical, these subjects exist in what many believe to be the realm of vigilantism. This cinema vérité documentary follows nine of these eccentric, self-appointed watchdogs as they fight to regain their sovereignty as well as their own sanity in an isolated and dangerous landscape. Filmed over the course of four years, we examine the motivations of and relationships between these conflicted patriots.

Brooklyn Film Festival: Best Documentary, Grand Jury Award
Chicago International Film Festival: Silver Hugo Award


Ugly Dog Productions
Director: Corey Wascinski
Producer: Nicholas Weissman


Welcome to Pine Hill on Thirteen.org

26-km_annarobertson_2Keith MillerMar 1, 2012

Q&A: Slamdance Film Fest Winners on Making Friends & Making Movies
FULL ARTICLE: http://www.thirteen.org/metrofocus/culture/qa-slamdance-film-fest-winner...
An encounter between Shannon Harper, left, and Keith Miller, right, on the streets of Brooklyn inspired the indie film, "Welcome to Pine Hill."
In ”Welcome to Pine Hill,” the film that took home the Slamdance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize, a reformed Brooklyn drug dealer receives life-changing news that compels him to make peace with his past and seek freedom beyond the bounds of New York City.

Shot in a cinema verité style, the film pulls from the real life experiences of star Shannon Harper, who makes his debut performance playing himself, and filmmaker Keith Miller.

MetroFocus spoke with Harper and Miller about how their “only-in-New York” type of first encounter inspired the film and led to an unlikely friendship.

Q: Keith, you met Shannon through a chance encounter on the street in Brooklyn. Can you describe it?

Miller: I found a four-month-old puppy on the street in the South Slope and looked around the neighborhood to try to find the owner — I knocked on doors and put up signs. Over the course of the next two months, I fell in love with the dog. At 11:30 one night, when I was walking him on 17th Street and 6th Avenue, Shannon came up to me and said, “That’s my dog.”


THE DENTIST to play at LES Film Festival 2012

3-alex_landon3Alexander MallisFeb 22, 2012

I’m excited to announce that my short, THE DENTIST, has been selected to play at the 2nd(?) Annual LES Film Festival. The film will play in the Doc Shorts! program on March 11th at 8:30pm. Grand Opening is a tiny space and I believe there are 28 seats available which, I’ve decided, is awesome. See you there!

Grand Opening
139 Norfolk Street
March 11th, 8:30pm

Tickets: http://lesfilmfestival.com/tix


THE SLOPE Season 2

Season 2 of BFC member Desiree Akhavan's webseries "The Slope" has premiered!

“The Slope” is a comedy that follows the lives of a lesbian couple navigating their way through modern-day Park Slope, Brooklyn. One year into their relationship, Ingrid and Desiree continue to hash out a power dynamic that ends up making them look homophobic, superficial and ultimately, perfect for one another. Catch up with episodes on the site: http://theslopeshow.com/episodes/ Follow us on Twitter @TheSlopeShow


Welcome to Pine Hill review in HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

26-km_annarobertson_2Keith MillerJan 22, 2012

The Bottom Line
A tender cinema verite take on one man’s quest for spiritual redemption

Compellingly blurring the boundaries between documentary and narrative forms, Welcome to Pine Hill is an atmospheric rendering of a New Yorker’s journey of self-discovery.

Born out of an encounter between writer-director Keith Miller and the film’s star, newcomer Shannon Harper, over the rightful ownership to a puppy (leading to the 2010 short, Prince/William), the extended version tweaks fact and hones fiction to create something uniquely intimate.

With no previous acting experience, Harper, essentially playing himself, is a quietly powerful presence as the film’s ever-present protagonist—a reformed Brooklyn drug dealer who works as a car insurance claims adjuster during the day and as a bouncer at night.

But just as he seems to be getting his life together, he receives a disturbing diagnosis pertaining to the severe stomach pains he’s been experiencing.The news propels him to settle some personal and professional debts, before escaping the hustle of the city and seeking sanctuary in the comparative wilderness of Upstate New York, with poignant results.

Miller coaxes a uniform authenticity from the performances, delivered by a cast of actors and non-actors, while touching on issues of race and class without having to get preachy or heavy-handed.
While some of those extended improvised takes work more successfully than others, the overall effect, like the one provided by that ending trek up the Catskill Mountains, is a welcome breath of fresh air.