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BFC Unleashes 3 New Shorts Online!

60-_mg_6595Danielle LurieJul 28, 2014

BFC'ers Riley Hooper, Paul Trillo, and Danielle Lurie (okay - that's me) have let their new short films loose on the world wide web!

I present to you all three uniquely quirky, delightfully fun, and equally enchanting films here. In one place. You are welcome!

1. The Love Box, by Riley Hooper: Let's start you off with a dose of delightfulness by having you get to know Riley's grandparents and family by way of a film that is unequivocably Riley in it's elegance, curiosity, and playfulness. The Love Box is pure joy wrapped in a, well, online Vimeo-encased box:

The Love Box from Riley Hooper on Vimeo.

2. A Truncated Story of Infinity, by Paul Trillo: Next up, prepare to have your minds blown not only by the concept of this perception-altering short, but also by how the hell it was actually made. I'm still trying to understand it's wonderful technical complexities, and am pretty close to thinking it was made by magic. This short film explores all the infinite possibilities of love and, well, anything, in the world, the universe, and beyond, as seen through one ordinary guy (called X) who falls in love in all different ways - some productive, others not - with a woman (called Y). My favorite bit: the nail polish. Can you spot this brilliant detail (of many)??

"A Truncated Story of Infinity" - A Short by Paul Trillo from Paul Trillo on Vimeo.

3. Intuition, by Danielle Lurie: And lastly, take all that you have learned from the first two films and start trusting your intuition, because Riley's grandparents certainly did and it worked out for them, and Subject X did some of the time and it worked for him, some of the time. I hope your intuition will tell you to watch this next short film, which is set in Barcelona about a woman who refuses to listen to herself. If you'd like to learn more about the making of (teaser - I found my actress on Facebook), check out this making-of article as well.

INTUITION from Danielle Lurie on Vimeo.

If you dig these films, please share them far and wide, because stories about true love with each other, the universe, and ourselves are what make the world go round (and infinite amount of times).